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Full Tarot Course - Understanding the Symbolism of the Tarot   

This course will be split into two parts covering the minor and major arcana, using the Universal Waite-Smith deck. The goal is for you to understand the contributing factors that create the general vibration of each card so you can interpret tarot cards with accuracy. The factors that we will discuss include colors, numerological influences, symbolism, astrological influences and religious connotations. This class begins in Warwick, RI on September 11, 2018 with class orientation on Tuesday, Sept. 4 at 6:00 pm. 

The Minor Arcana
In this 8 week class we will study Ace through King of each suit. Each suit represents an aspect of your life such as relationships, career, finances and challenges. Each week we will study the different numbers of the minor arcana. The first class we cover the Aces, the next class the Twos and Threes, etc. We'll examine the meanings of the suit, the attributes of the number and the symbolism in the card to gain an understanding of each card's overall meaning. This class begins Sept. 11 in Warwick.   For details about the class and what to expect, please contact Maribeth at maribeth@tarotcare.com.

The Major Arcana
In this 12 week class, we study the other 22 cards in the tarot from The Fool to The World. These cards represent your deeper thought processes and identify spiritual patterns. This portion of your lesson will include an overview of the meaning and symbolism of the card as well as a guided visualization to help you find your own individual understanding of the vibration of the card. This will strengthen your ability to use your natural intuition. After a holiday break between Thanksgiving and the end of the year, this class will follow the Minor arcana class described above and begins in January, 2019.

Student Requirements
We will be using the Universal Waite deck. You may also use the Rider Waite deck. 

You will receive a workbook for each course with meanings of the cards and plenty of space for your own notes. Each class is two and a half hours long. Tuition is $25 payable each class. It is best to take the minor arcana lesson prior to the major arcana lesson. These classes are limited in size to give each person a chance to participate fully. 

Throughout all of these classes, I hope you experience your own personal growth and learn to help others by understanding the guidance available through the tarot. To register, or for more information, please e-mail maribeth@tarotcare.com.  Thank you!

From Meagan: 

Taking Maribeth’s Tarot class was a life changing experience for me . . . and I really mean that when I say it. I learned so much about myself by taking the course, learning the cards, and relating them to my life. Each week I looked forward to sitting with an open, welcoming, and fun group of people to learn about tarot, symbolism, and spirituality. The classes helped me gain better insight into myself as a woman, helped guide me through some difficult decisions and situations, and really helped me build a solid understanding of the cards. I am now more comfortable explaining what tarot is to friends and family, giving readings, and using the cards in my everyday life to help guide me. This was an unforgettable experience and one that I highly recommend to anyone interested!


Tarot Workshop - Learning the basics so you can provide readings         

If you would like a quick understanding of the cards, with plenty of reference materials to take home so you can do readings for yourself and your friends, this is the class for you!

You will learn the general meaning and history of the classic Rider Waite tarot deck as well as the meanings, symbolism and numerological influences of the each of the four suits. I have written a small book to help you remember the meanings of the 22 major arcana cards. You will learn the difference between the minor and major arcana as well!

This is an interactive class so you will be practicing and participating to best learn to gain confidence in your natural abilities. Tarot cards are not required, but feel free to bring your deck or anything to make you comfortable (pillow, pashmina, notebook, etc.) if you like.

After taking this class, you will be able to provide readings for yourself and others. I provide many reference materials to help you remember and most importantly, understand and trust your natural intuition. I will also teach protection techniques on how to open and close your third eye. If you'd like to speak with anyone who has taken the class, please let me know. I am happy to provide references. Call or text 401-323-0530 for more information. Class is $50 per person and will be held in Warwick RI. 

Please email maribeth@tarotcare.com for further information.  

Meditations on the Major Arcana

On Monday evenings this summer we will be exploring one of each major tarot card from the Rider Waite deck (the Fool-the World) from 6-8 pm. I will take you on a visualization where you enter the card, meet the archetype and receive stirring messages specifically tailored for your best self. You can come whatever Mondays work for your schedule. Just bring a journal and a deck of cards and prepare to be amazed! Meditations begin April 30 and will happen every Monday night until Aug. 27. Class is $20 each week.  


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