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We have attended many Tarot sessions with Maribeth, and it is impossible to expound too greatly upon the repeated accuracies of both her readings as well as her beautiful and touching communications with nonphysical friends.
Maribeth is a master of insightfulness and comfort, seemingly magnetic for spirit world contact.  She offers vivid depictions of these communications with gentleness and educated articulation, skillfully sifting through what must only be an enormous compilation of knowing from a greater source.
Maribeth's approach to her work cannot be equated with anything less than professionalism, divulging barebones truisms with descretion and heartfelt care.   
We offer this writing in hopes that it may encourage others to grasp the opportunity for spiritual rewards that may be imparted through the inspirations of one so gifted as Maribeth.
Lovingly submitted,
-Emma and Samuel Strong

Dear Maribeth,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the blessings I receive when I consult with you. You always call back promptly for a quick check-in or a more elaborate consultation.

I call you when I have questions that my ego prevents me from hearing. You always come through with a clear and encouraging reading. Sometimes you use the Tarot. Other times you allow your kind heart to speak. It works. I am clear. I move forward.

Over time you have become a trusted advisor who in fact, accompanies me on the path of spiritual growth and delivers from Spirit what I need to hear, work and ponder. I thank you very much for being there for me.


The tarot classes were so much more than I anticipated -- not just interesting and fun, but a real growth experience. Maribeth creates a comfortable environment where transformation can occur. She knows her stuff and how to share it in a way that makes the Tarot come to life.

- Maria

I feel like you just gave me a map. I thought I was on the right road and you highlighted the way. Thank you so much!


Maribeth is a sincere and sensitive person, who shares her unique gifts with others to help us find the clarity we often need to answer our own questions. I like to schedule my Reiki Treatment immediately after a Tarot Card reading, and experience the most positive effects from each in the days and weeks which follow. I find myself better able to process the information revealed during my reading with the clear mind and re-energized body I'm left with following a Reiki treatment.
Thank you, Thank you, Maribeth!

- Lynne R., Warwick, RI

I had such a great time at my friend Diane's house party last week. It's always fun to get together with the girls, having you there doing individual readings made it truly special! I want to thank you for my reading. The reading was amazing, you picked up on so much of who I am and my
current situation, without me telling you about myself. You made me feel so comfortable, I found the experience to be very cathartic. I walked away feeling inspired and hopeful! I have and will continue to recommend you to friends and family. I'll be in touch soon, to plan my own home party.

- Nancy, Providence, RI

"Maribeth was so in tune with what was going on in my life and those people involved in my life when she read my cards. My reading was incredible. I came out of it feeling reassured of what I already felt/knew inside my heart, and also with lots insight as to where I was heading. The whole experience was more than incredible for me.

Maribeth is such an honest open person that makes you feel welcome from the very beginning. She has a talent with the cards that a lot of people don't always have. And what's more.... her heart is in what she does. If you're thinking of getting your cards read, give her a call. You won't be disappointed."


"Maribeth has a genuine gift. Her insight is always right on target for me. Using her Tarot cards, Maribeth nearly "reads" my mind, always validating my thoughts and my own intuitive feelings. Through her reading, she has taught me to be patient and allow life to unfold as it should, and not to be afraid or anxious. I believe that all things happen for a reason. We don't always know the reasons, but Maribeth helps me to find answers to those questions, and to find peace when I don't have the answers."

-Diane, Newport, RI

 "You are the best therapist ever! Why do people bother paying such expensive fees for therapy when they can come see you?"

- Anonymous

"I thought this was going to be a Hocus Pocus party game, but here you are telling me real shit!"


"Freakily accurate!" - guest at The Dorrance during Chifferobe party


Reiki Testimonials

"Maribeth performed reiki on me when I was in particular pain. I was always very healthy, and never bothered by back or other bodily pains. Then, one morning, I woke up, and could not move my right arm at all without massive pain shooting up into my shoulder and down the length of my arm. The pain was so bad that it made me nauseous, and I know that my face was white as a sheet from the pain. I was perplexed, and had no idea how it had happened. Since I am right-handed, I could not do much of anything including even standing up to move because it would jar my painful arm. Pills and rest did not relieve my pain.

Then, Maribeth came by for a visit the next day. She saw how much pain I was in, and offered to reiki me. I was skeptical, but willing to try anything to relieve my pain.

When she had finished the reiki, I was in a very small amount of pain, and it was much more manageable. I could move my arm without the pain tentacles reaching up and down it. I was happily shocked and amazed.

I would totally recommend Maribeth's reiki to anyone suffering from pain or in place of massage. She is very gentle, and the reiki soothed me as well."

- Dawn, Barrington, RI


"My Reiki Treatment with Maribeth was awesome. I've been treating my chronic shoulder, neck and back pain with massage, chiropractic and yoga for several years. My first Reiki session left me feeling better than any other form of therapy I've tried. With continued treatment I'm experiencing a significant increase in relief, and I feel the tension in my my neck and shoulder diminishing every week. I highly recommend including Reiki from Maribeth in your treatment regime."

-Margaret, Wickford Web Works

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