Reiki II - Level 2 – 100% attuned - “The light is in me”

100% attuned – “The light is in me”

When you choose to receive your Level 2 attunement, you will enhance your ability to carry positive energy. 

Maribeth will be teaching Reiki 2 in Providence, Rhode Island in July of 2023. The cost is $275.  To learn how to prepare for your attunements, see this article by William Rand. 

In addition to receiving your attunement for Reiki level 2,  you will also learn new symbols for increasing reiki energy (the power boost).

The new symbols will allow you to channel mental and emotional healing across time and space so you can send reiki to those who may not be near you at this time. You can send reiki to an entire country when you eliminate time and space, it is very powerful. 

You must have taken Reiki 1 to qualify for this class. You will receive a Reiki 2 certificate.

Please join if you would like to:

  • receive an attunement that enhances your connection to your higher self
  • heal unwanted habits
  • enhance your intuitive abilities
  • provide healing over distance