Reiki Training

Reiki Level 1
Basic reiki energy
“I am in the light”

Reiki Level 2
100% attuned
“The light is in me”

Reiki Level 3
“I am the light”

Reiki Classes

Maribeth teaches Usui Reiki 1, Reiki 2 and Reiki Master certification classes. Each level expands your ability to channel positive energy from the universe to you, through you and thus to others, with a hug or a full body treatment. At level 2 you will learn to pass it on to those at a distance. In the Master Class you will learn to pass attunements for reiki levels to others. You will know when it is time to receive each attunement.
Contact Maribeth if you feel the time is right.  Classes in Providence, Rhode Island are planned for July, 2023. 


Prior to our reiki class, I was standing at a crossroad looking for signs to see which way to turn. Being your student showed me the direction I needed to go.

I will always be grateful to you for giving me the strength to walk this journey, the wisdom to learn as I go, and the to courage always follow my heart.

All love,

I am blessed to have Maribeth in my life as an intuitive, teacher and genuine friend for over 15 years! From Reiki to Tarot, she is an excellent and knowledgeable educator. As an intuitive, she uses her deep understanding of the Tarot and masterfully blends it with high intuition and emotional intelligence providing the client with spiritual guidance and invaluable personal growth! Maribeth’s readings surpass any traditional tarot reading and counseling session combined! I highly recommend Maribeth and her many gifts!


Hingham, MA