Reiki Treatments

Reiki Treatments

A reiki treatment is done while you are fully clothed and relaxed on a comfortable surface. It takes approximately one hour. The practitioner passes their hands over the body, encouraging positive energy flow. Reiki healing energy will go where it needs to be in the body. A Reiki treatment by Maribeth will refresh your spirit and soothe your soul. This will encourage mental, emotional and physical balance.


Maribeth is a sincere and sensitive person, who shares her unique gifts with others to help us find the clarity we often need to answer our own questions. I like to schedule my Reiki Treatment immediately after a Tarot Card reading, and experience the most positive effects from each in the days and weeks which follow. I find myself better able to process the information revealed during my reading with the clear mind and re-energized body I'm left with following a Reiki treatment. Thank you, Thank you, Maribeth!

Lynne R.

Warwick, RI

Thank you for today. I wish I could visit you every week for reiki and comfort.  🙂