Tarot Readings

Tarot Readings

Maribeth is a gifted intuitive and offers a friendly and personal reading to reveal the purpose of your conscious and unconscious thoughts. A Tarot reading by Maribeth will open the part of your mind that can best hear your heart. This will reveal the answers to your life’s questions. Maribeth devotes her full attention to each session, fully recognizing its importance, and abides by a proper code of ethics. Tarot Readings are an ancient art of divination to help guide and heal the spirit. Here are some tips to help you decide if the timing is right for you to receive a reading by Maribeth:

Reveal The Purpose of Your Thoughts

Maribeth is available for personal consultations via zoom, telephone or in person at Spark of Divine in Vero Beach, FL and Sun of a Witch in Sebastian, Florida. The cost for a reading is $65 for a 1/2 hour reading or $130 for 1 hour. You can pay via Venmo, or Square or you can mail payment or use a credit card via PayPal before the time of the reading. 


I feel like you just gave me a map. I thought I was on the right road and you highlighted the way. Thank
you so much!


East Greenwich, RI

You are the best therapist ever! Why do people bother paying such expensive fees for therapy when they
can come see you?


Dear Maribeth,
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the blessings I receive when I consult with you. You always call back promptly for a quick check-in or a more elaborate consultation.
I call you when I have questions that my ego prevents me from hearing. You always come through with a clear and encouraging reading. Sometimes you use the Tarot. Other times you allow your kind heart to speak. It works. I am clear. I move forward.
Over time you have become a trusted advisor who in fact, accompanies me on the path of spiritual growth and delivers from Spirit what I need to hear, work and ponder. I thank you very much for being there for me.

Lidia, Arlington


We have attended many telephone Tarot sessions with Maribeth, and it is impossible to expound too greatly upon the repeated accuracies of both her readings as well as her beautiful and touching communications with nonphysical friends.
Maribeth is a master of insightfulness and comfort, seemingly magnetic for spirit world contact. She offers vivid depictions of these communications with gentleness and educated articulation, skillfully sifting through what must only be an enormous compilation of knowing from a greater source.
Maribeth's approach to her work cannot be equated with anything less than professionalism, divulging barebones truisms with discretion and heartfelt care.
We offer this writing in hopes that it may encourage others to grasp the opportunity for spiritual rewards that may be imparted through the inspirations of one so gifted as Maribeth.

Lovingly submitted, Emma and Samuel Strong

Orlando, FL

“I could go to therapy for probably 5 years and not get the clarity you just gave me in an hour.”


Springfield, Mass.

“My annual tarot reading is like a navigation chart in the trouble waters of life. This year will be my fifth tarot plotting for the year, and is very useful in curbing my stress.”

John DeMaria

East Providence, RI

Dear Mary Beth:
I have known you for over 20 years, and with a name like Crystal, you would think my life would be pretty clear. Not so much. But after many a conversation, cup of tea, Tarot card reading, Reiki Treatment and bonding a solid friendship: your guidance has helped me tremendously!
Coming to you for help was like coming home. I always left you with clearer concentration and how to move in the right direction.
Your craft is one that you have perfected for your “students “ to reflect upon. Thank you for allowing me to grow and find my way out of many a mess.

Crystal Hamel