Strengthening Energetic Boundaries

Understand the importance of your energy field and how to strengthen your boundaries. Enjoy a beneficial visualization practice on the Hanged Man to calm your mind, strengthen your intuition and empower you to manifest your priorities while remaining compassionate to others.

This class is for anyone who might be feeling tired, drained, overeating, shutting down or feeling upset without knowing why: You very well may be a ‘HSP’ (Highly Sensitive Person) and your energy system may need a boost.
The good news is you are great at understanding and helping those you love through difficult times. The bad news is you are picking up other people’s issues whether you want to or not – unless you learn how to control it.

This class provides techniques to help you tune in to your aura, flex it like a muscle and therefore keep better track of your valuable energy. Topics include how to strengthen your aura, establish good boundaries and the importance of being aware of your patterns of behavior.

Sign up below to join us at Sun of a Witch on Sunday, November 21 at 12:30 pm. Thank you!

Event Information:

June 23, 2022
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Event Information:

November 21, 2021
Start Time:
12:30 pm
End Time:
2:00 pm
Price At Door:
Sun of a Witch, 1547 US Hwy 1, Sebastian, FL 32958

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