Tarot Classes

Understanding Tarot Symbolism

This course will be split into two parts covering the minor and major arcana, using the Universal Waite-Smith (aka Rider-Waite) deck. The goal is for you to understand the contributing actors that create the general vibration of each card so you can interpret tarot cards with accuracy. The factors that we will discuss include colors, […]

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Tarot Beginners Workshop

Learn to read TAROT cards! Provide tarot readings for yourself & others Learn the basic meanings of each card by gaining an understanding of the system of suits and numbers in the tarot. This simple method makes understanding the minor arcana easier to remember. We will also cover the major arcana by reading a short

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TarotCare TarotShare

Practice giving readings (and receive one too!) This is an interactive experience for people who like tarot cards and would like to practice giving readings. We will learn new skills and share wisdom from the cards. No certification or previous experience is required. Fine tune your skills, and learn to trust your intuition more. Please

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