Understanding the Symbolism of the Tarot

How do 78 pictures represent every experience all humans can possibly have across time?

This Zoom course will be split into two parts covering the minor and major arcana, using the Universal Waite-Smith (aka Rider-Waite) deck. The goal is for you to understand the contributing factors that create the general vibration of each card so you can interpret tarot cards with accuracy. We will discuss colors, numerological influences, symbolism, astrological influences and religious connotations. You will grow with this knowledge in wonderful ways you will never forget. All classes are recorded so that you can view at your convenience. This is a beautiful gift to give yourself and wonderful to share!

The Major Arcana class begins January 8 at 6:30 pm EST. A zoom orientation is being held on Monday, January 1 at 6:30. Feel free to join to ask questions, meet the other students and learn more without any commitment required. If you would like the zoom link or access to the recording of the orientation, please contact Maribeth. More details and requirements for the classes are below: 


The Minor Arcana

In this 8-week class we will study Ace through King of each suit. Each suit represents an aspect of your life such as relationships, career, finances and challenges. Each week we will study the different numbers of the minor arcana. The first class we cover the Aces, the next class the Twos and Threes, etc. We’ll examine the meanings of the suit, the attributes of the number and the symbolism in the card to gain an understanding of each card’s overall meaning. You will be asked for your interpretations of the cards to better trust your intuition and to become used to putting the vibrations you feel into words. Classes begin in September of 2024.

The Major Arcana

In this 12-week class, we study the 22 soul-filled tarot cards from The Fool to The World. These cards represent your deep thought processes and identify spiritual patterns. This lesson will include an overview of the meaning and symbolism of the card as well as a guided meditation to help you find your own individual understanding of the vibration of the card. This will strengthen your ability to use your natural intuition. Class is held on zoom beginning January, 2024. Classes are $22 each week on zoom at 6:30 pm EST. 

Throughout all of these classes, I hope you experience your own personal growth and 
learn to help others by understanding the profound guidance available through the tarot. 

This course has been taught by Maribeth McNair since 2005 and has proven to be a healing experience for each participant and their family and friends! It is wonderful for beginners, and experienced readers will benefit as well.
 Understand The Symbolism of the Major Arcana begins with an orientation on January 1, 2024. On January 8, we will join the Fool to explore the journey to The World. Each of the major arcana cards represent spiritual life experiences that are above and beyond the four suits of the minor arcana. Known as ‘the soul’s journey to enlightenment’, understanding these major arcana cards will help in all areas of your life. These lessons will include an overview of the meaning and symbolism of each card and an opportunity to share your personal perspective, as well as a guided visualization to help you feel the vibrations of each card. Because you will experience a dream-like interaction with the characters of each card, you will find your own individual understanding of the energy surrounding the card. This will help you on your spiritual journey by learning to trust your intuition and make decisions honoring your highest self. 

Beginning September, 2024 we will study the minor arcana, which includes the four suits: swords, cups, wands and pentacles. We will learn about the symbols in the cards as well as study the numerology associated with the cards, as well as energy lessons about chakras and feng shui. 

Student Requirements

In our materials, we will be using a Rider-Waite-Smith (RWS) deck. You can use any version of RWS that you like. Each week I will e-mail work sheets where you will write your initial interpretations. If you choose to print them, you will also need a 3-ring binder to create your own reference manual that will include traditional meanings of the symbols and the card meanings. This year’s major arcana classes are held via Zoom on Monday evenings from 6:30-8:30 pm EST from Jan. 8 – March 25.  Each class is $22 and recordings are provided. Payment is accepted via Venmo, Paypal, credit card or check.  Send an e-mail to maribeth@tarotcare.com to request the link for the zoom orientation on January 1 and/or the class beginning January 8, 2024. 

May this journey open your heart to the joy and knowledge that you can share, and the beautiful fulfillment that comes from helping others who may need healing.


Maribeth is one of the most authentic persons I have ever met! I had been interested in Tarot for a few years, had a reading with Maribeth and knew she was who I wanted to learn from. Thank for technology to allow the journey of people states even countries apart to connect and learn. Maribeth's style of teaching would fit all learning styles. She welcomes all questions, she is comforting, non-judgemental, and fun. I am not only learning Tarot, I have learned a lot about myself. I admire Maribeth sharing her knowledge, experience. Love the journey!!

Janna Martin


Thank you for these amazing classes. So interesting, so creative, so smart, so tranquil and so grounding. 

I had no idea what to expect when I first signed up for Maribeth's tarot course. While I've been interested in tarot for many years, reading spreads instinctually and getting messages from the cards was never something I imagined I could do. This class has been so much more than a lesson in reading tarot. It's been such a beautiful experience and journey into trusting myself and my own intuition. It's a safe space to share and be yourself with other like-minded individuals. I look forward to these classes every week and I'm so grateful that I decided to give it a try. I'll be carrying the knowledge I've gained in this class with me for the rest of my life. 

Elaine Abel


I have been so fortunate to have taken 3 of Maribeth's workshops. Maribeth has very in depth and extensive knowledge of Tarot, and approaches it from many fascinating, interesting, informative, and very creative avenues. She is a truly brilliant teacher, and is able to create a wonderful environment where everyone feels very comfortable, and connected and excited in what they are learning and sharing. Maribeth's Tarot classes have definitely been one of the most wonderful workshops in anything that I have ever been a part of. I will continue to take her workshops, and will even repeat the classes I have taken because Maribeth's knowledge is so vast and meaningful. Thank you so very much Maribeth! 

Jana Jagendorf


Maribeth's love for her fellow person seems to flow through the atmosphere, or the zoom link, to surround you with her support and belief. Her explanation of what the Tarot is, how to interpret cards and how to help make sense out of life's pathways is substantial. She connects just as well with teens as she does with baby boomers. Understanding what the images are that we see and helping us to connect them to our realities and what we know about ourselves seems second nature for Maribeth. I have had the opportunity to take both the Major and Minor Arcana classes. As a result, I have started to give readings for friends and family. Not only do I feel confident as I venture through the readings, but the other people have connected with the information as well. Thank you Maribeth - you are a great teacher! 



Maribeth is a sincere and sensitive person, who shares her unique gifts with others to help us find the clarity we often need to answer our own questions. I like to schedule my Reiki Treatment immediately after a Tarot Card reading, and experience the most positive effects from each in the days and weeks which follow. I find myself better able to process the information revealed during my reading with the clear mind and re-energized body I'm left with following a Reiki treatment. Thank you, Thank you, Maribeth!

Lynne R.

Warwick, RI

This class has been such a blessing...as was getting the opportunity to learn from Maribeth! This class is powerful on so many levels - through in depth learning of each of the cards' meanings, I was able to gain confidence in my own intuition and self. I have learned so much about the power of tarot and myself through reflecting more deeply on each of the cards and my own spiritual journey. Maribeth is supportive and beyond knowledgeable in all things spirit and tarot. Taking this class has been healing on so many levels for myself - I am truly grateful for this experience! 


Rhode Island

I am blessed to have Maribeth in my life as an intuitive, teacher and genuine friend for over 15 years! From Reiki to Tarot, she is an excellent and knowledgeable educator. As an intuitive, she uses her deep understanding of the Tarot and masterfully blends it with high intuition and emotional intelligence providing the client with spiritual guidance and invaluable personal growth! Maribeth’s readings surpass any traditional tarot reading and counseling session combined! I highly recommend Maribeth and her many gifts!


Hingham, MA

Maribeth is a wealth of knowledge and she makes it so enjoyable and fun with her lighthearted approach. I feel like she personally introduced me to each of the major arcana. Such a great class!


“Maribeth gives from her heart. This multi-month Tarot journey has revealed her respect for every person’s ability to draw out messages. She is ever-encouraging with affirmations and questions too. Her intuitive ear for the subtle, as well as not-so-subtle, is matched with her frankness abs humor. This class was very helpful, especially the meditations with the Major Arcana, in illustrating how Tarot can assist us as an intermediary for understanding and accepting our present while listening and acting with an eye, and ear, to the future. 


Toronto, Canada

Maribeth provides great insight into understanding the Major Arcana, as well as resources for further and deeper study. Hearing the interpretations of the others in the class has also added to my understanding of these archetypes. Not only have I learned about the card meanings, but have developed strong personal relationships with the group through this deep shared experience.


Saguache, CO