Make Your Own Bach Flower Remedy

Together we will create a personal and safe homeopathic tincture to reduce your anxiety, stress and emotional suffering. These flower essences are […]

Strengthening Energetic Boundaries

Understand the importance of your energy field and how to strengthen your boundaries. Enjoy a beneficial visualization practice on the Hanged Man […]

Understanding Tarot Symbolism

This course will be split into two parts covering the minor and major arcana, using the Universal Waite-Smith (aka Rider-Waite) deck. The […]

Reiki Master Teacher Level

Receive the skills, tools and understanding the skills to teach all reiki levels to others. You can expect a thorough review of […]

Meditation – Define YourSelf

By reflecting upon the World tarot card we will define an identity for our best selves, as we better understand our one-ness […]

Tarot Beginners Workshop

Learn to read TAROT cards! Provide tarot readings for yourself & others Learn the basic meanings of each card by gaining an […]

TarotCare TarotShare

Practice giving readings (and receive one too!) This is an interactive experience for people who like tarot cards and would like to […]